Carr Fire Incident Report - CalFire

The Carr Fire started on July 23, 2018 in the Whiskeytown National Recreation Area and has burned a total of 229,651 acres (about 359 square miles) to date. A total of 216 primary structures were damaged and 1,101 were destroyed. Local and state responsibility areas accounted for approximately 42 percent of the burn area, with the remaining 58 percent under federal responsibility area. The link below will take you to the CalFire event log from the beginning to the end of the incident and includes a final report titled: 

Carr Fire - Watershed Emergency Response Team Report (WERT)

Follow this link: to access the available data related to this historic and tragic event.

Due to the large proportion of private land on the Carr Fire, the burned area was evaluated by an interagency WERT comprised of engineering geologists, hydrologists, foresters, and GIS specialists. The WERT rapidly evaluated post-fire watershed conditions, identified potential values-at-risk related to human life-safety and property, and evaluated the potential for increased post-fire flooding and debris flows. The team also recommended potential emergency protection measures to help reduce the risks to those values.

The Clear Creek C.S.D treatment facility suffered damages as a result of the Carr fire as it burned through Whiskeytown National Park. The CCCSD staff has been working through this process with FEMA/CalOES and the District's insurance company to secure funds for repairs of damaged facilities.