Current Projects

Posted: September, 2017


The District is currently in the middle of construction of a recycle backwash water project at the filtration plant located at the base of Whiskeytown Dam. This project will allow the district to recycle all water being used for backwash and instead of disposing of this water it will be able to be treated again and used as potable water.

This recycle project is being funded through the State Water Resources Control Board as a grant/loan the District applied for and received. The grant/low interest loan to complete the project totals $933,143.00. One half of the total project cost is grant money, the other half will be a low, 1.6% interest loan over a lifetime of 30 years.

This project is being required by the State Water Resources Control Boad and qualifies as a large conservation project with both the State and the Federal Government.


Posted: September, 2017


The District will begin the pipline replacement on Taffey Lane here in the Valley. The old, four inch line has been in need of replacement and the District will be funding this project in house. All of the materials have been purchased. The replacement line wiill be 6" PVC and will include all new hookups to existing homes already being served in this area. It will also include the replacement of the warfhead fire hydrant with a new Mueller dry barrel full fire hydrant. This project will begin as soon as the field crew get a break from the summer rush.

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